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About Us

Sirohi takes its name from a small village in Rajasthan & also means the Sword of a Prince, which makes us want to use the right-edged side of nomenclature. Rural Indian craftsmen and artisans are often under-valued for their masterful craft. The hours of labour they put in to present a piece of their art surely deserves more appreciation than they get.


At Sirohi, we put in our best efforts, to try to help them regain their hold in the craft they master. Hereby, Presenting a range of products that are sustainable, ethically produced in small batches, handmade with love. Our collection is mindfully designed and we love to give a contemporary twist &  keep things exclusive while playing with different silhouettes and prints. 


Having lived through the testing times of the pandemic and beyond, it gives us immense happiness to bring to the world what we absolutely swear by through this precious Home-grown label! 

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Founders of Sirohi sharing their love for earthy organics

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