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These pair of Hand Painted Cufflinks are meticulously curated by skilled artisans & goes through a number of processes that includes enamel layering which is then heated in a kiln. It is followed by intricate detailing which is hand-painted. Each piece takes hours to make the artwork so defined that the aesthetic comes right through so beautifully. A final layer of enamel glazing is done to secure & finish it.

The hand-painted cufflinks depict hours of craftsmanship by our  skilled artisans. It is a must have as your royal wardrobe addition. 


Material: Brass & Enamel

Plating: Rhodium Gold Plating 

Size: 0.7"/ 18mm 


Keep Away from Perfume & Water to ensure its lusture. 

"Red Horse" Hand Painted Cufflinks


All our products are made to order, and the shipping time may vary between 8-10 working days. 

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